2015 Constant Contact All Star Award Winner


Here’s another star to add to your constellation.

Welcome back to the All Stars!

Constant-Contact-All-Star-Logo-2015For another year, you demonstrated exemplary engagement with your audience. Once again, you set the standard of excellence. We are thrilled to present you with the All Star Award for 2015!

Every year, the bar to All Star status gets higher and higher. Only 10% of Constant Contact customers receive it. But 53% of All Stars, like yourself, are multiple-year recipients. We’re proud that more and more customers have unlocked the success formula to building better relationships with their audience!

Relationships matter to us at Constant Contact. Thanks for making yours count. Congratulations again, and we hope you have another great year in 2016.

Tell the world you’re an All Star.

As an All Star you:

  • Can gain local recognition as a business that values its relationships with customers
  • Enjoy exclusive events, offers and more
  • Get first access and sneak peeks at new products and features
  • Could be featured on Constant Contact’s website and social media pages, bringing more visibility to you!

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