Reno-Sparks Pagan Pride Day Fosters Community, Volunteerism


Reno-Sparks Pagan Pride Day is an annual celebration held to bring people together as a community. All are welcome to attend and be at peace there with one another. Parts of the event, including ceremonies, drumming, belly dancing and workshops, were peaceful. Other moments were far from it.




The Pirates of Reno invaded. They culled wanted criminals with outstanding warrants from the crowd and threw the miscreants into the stocks to be tortured.




Commodore Kraken, who accepted bribes to issue warrants, drove up the bounty on the head of each lad or lass through auction. Punishments increased as cash changed hands.




Bids topped out. Flogging and water torture began. Drenched survivors were told, “go forth and sin some more.”



Warrant bribes and auctions support Pagan Pride Day’s selected charity, We Care Volunteers. The organization reaches out to people like George, a homeless father of four and grandfather of one. At first, George watches Pagan Pride Day festivities from afar.



He recognized The Pirates of Reno. He said they feed him on Thursday nights.




A Knight of the Favor Jar gave George an ice cold bottle of water. The Knights, like The Pirates, perform volunteer work. Knights volunteer their time to help others do just about anything. Knights will shovel snow, move furniture or sit and talk.



When Reno-Sparks Pagan Pride Day 2016 came to a close, Knights helped clean up. Gathering flowers used in the Mabon ceremony of thanks for a bountiful harvest, this Knight struck a pose.



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