Seed Circles Save Time and Money

Math is not my best subject, but when I apply math to my favorite past-time, gardening, I am much more enthusiastic about arithmetic than I am otherwise.This is because seed circle swap and/or round robin seed swap math shows how swapping seeds saves money. And, saving money is something everyone can appreciate, even if they find numbers a bit less fun than plants.

To calculate your seed circle savings, first count how many fellow seed savers you have and how many varieties each of them are growing.Then, check out the price of seeds in your area. Finally, get out a calculator or a pencil and paper. It is time to total everything up.

Your math should look something like this:

  1. (20 people) x (3 varieties of seeds grown per person) = 60 packets of seeds received per person.
  2. (60 packets of seeds received per person) x ($3 per seed packet) = $180 per person.
Swapping seeds can save hundreds of dollars over purchasing seeds. Photo by derya.

The numbers in those equations work for a hypothetical situation in which a seed circle includes 20 people who each grow 3 varieties of seeds to swap. If that is the case, then each swapper will end up with 60 packets of seeds. If a package of heirloom seeds in this swap’s area costs $3, then seed swapping will have saved each participant $180 over purchasing those seeds from a seed supplier.

Your math will look a bit different depending on the size of your group and the number of varieties each person is tasked with growing.

Money isn’t the only thing swapping seeds saves. Seed circles also save time. This is because your fellow swappers can pass along to you not only their seeds but also their knowledge. Having local gardeners pass along tips and tricks to growing their varieties will ensure you grow them as efficiently as possible. You will spend less time researching and less time making mistakes. And everyone can do with a little more time in their lives.

Have seed circle swaps saved you time, money or anything else (such as frustration)? Let me know in the comments below.

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