Healing Gardens in Reno, Nevada

Today is the one year anniversary of my last chemotherapy treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. I had a lot of help getting through my cancer treatment. One resource was Fianna’s Healing Garden at Renown Health. Its peaceful atmosphere is designed to promote healing and comfort in all who visit. The site is beautiful, with sculptures and art throughout. It is also useful. Some of the plants there are medicinal.

Renown Health has a second healing garden. It is for children. The John & Sue Dermody  Children’s Healing Garden integrates plants and play. The site includes play structures and art as well as places to sit and to picnic. It is connected to an indoor space for computing and reading. This garden is a sanctuary for children receiving treatment at Renown Health. The space is beloved by their parents too.

Anyone can visit Fianna’s Healing Garden all year long. Enter the hospital grounds through the Mill Street entrance, and the garden is straight ahead. Parking is available through a low-cost valet service, or for free in the nearby parking garage. The garden is outdoors, and you do not have to go inside the hospital to get to it. Although, if you are in the hospital, doors there open out into the garden for your convenience. There is no cost to visit the garden.

The John & Sue Dermody Children’s Healing Garden is on the ground floor of Renown Regional Medical Center. To visit, take the Sierra Garden Hallway. The garden is open seven days a week. Here are directions to get you there:

Directions by Renown Health.

Renown Health says healing involves more than the practice of medicine. It also involves the heart, mind and spirit. The hospital says art can inspire, comfort and strengthen its patients.  Renown Health says research shows healing and peaceful environments promote recovery. They say patients exposed to art and nature enjoy a number of benefits. The patients have to take less medicine and stay at the hospital for less time. Patients with art and nature also have improved mental health. The hospital has a Healing Arts program to provide the community with the benefits of art and nature. The hospital also encourages people to create their own healing gardens at home.

“My belief is that nature is the most healing element in our environment, it brings us to a more natural and comfortable place within ourselves.” ~Fianna Dickson Comb

To create a healing garden at home, first picture how you plan to use the garden. From there, you’ll know your space requirements. Don’t forget to incorporate a comfortable place to sit and enjoy your healing space. Also include symbolism in the healing garden. Water fountains, wind spinners, sculptures or other art pieces all create meaningful and attractive focal points in the landscape. Finally, follow Renown Health’s example. Incorporate not only pretty plants but useful ones as well. Edible plants can be beautiful, as can medicinal ones. For example, grow echinacea, lavender or chamomile.

An important part of having a healing garden is carving out the time to enjoy it. My cancer treatment was hectic, and I didn’t always feel up to visiting the garden. It took deliberate scheduling to get me out into nature. But, it was worth it. Don’t let the busyness of the day keep you away from the healing benefits of art and nature.

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