Growing Health with Hospital Gardens

Renown Health features lovely healing gardens, but it is not the only Reno, Nevada health facility to boast of beautiful grounds which promote patient healing. Saint Mary’s Center for Health and Fitness is a large, multi-story building located at 645 North Arlington Avenue in Reno, Nevada. It has an attached parking garage with free parking. If you so desire, street level paid and unpaid parking is available as is a valet service. I recommend the parking garage. This is because from the second floor of the parking garage, you can walk out into a beautiful outdoor garden.

The space also serves as a bridge from the parking garage into the center. Instead of taking the elevator down to the first floor to access Saint Mary’s Fitness Center or the services of one of the many physicians located in building, take the scenic route. Step out onto the courtyard for views like these.

Throughout the planted areas, there are benches to sit and enjoy the space. You’ll find patients before, during and after treatment taking a rest from sterile surroundings. Also found are medical professionals grabbing a few winks or a bite to eat. As there is at least one OB/GYN practice in the attached building, you’ll also spot families and hear their joyful laughter. Bring a blanket to lounge on the grass, or take a spot on the bench. More than a quick pass through is warranted both for the space’s beauty as well as for its healing effects. Be sure to visit in the warmer months. In winter, the garden is closed.

Do you have a favorite healing garden? Let me know in the comments! Or, read this post to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of gardening.

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