Reno Blooms

Horticulture benefits everyone’s wealth and health where we live, work, shop and play, according to the National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture.

Home landscape trees reduce heating and cooling costs. Office plants reduce employee sick time and increase productivity. Stores with landscapes have expanded sales and price premiums. And, horticulture-related tourist destinations and parks provide play opportunities while generating revenue for communities.

There are therapeutic benefits to gardening, and just being around green spaces and plants positively impacts people.

Several local organizations are calling on Renoites to enhance the health and wealth of our community with flowers. Keep Truckee Meadows Beautiful, Moana Nursery, City of Reno Parks, City of Reno Urban Forestry, May Arboretum Society and Nevada Landscape Association are asking individuals, organizations and businesses to join their grassroots effort to make our city green.

The effort is called Reno Blooms. To participate, plant a container or flower bed outside your home, organization or business. Then, purchase a Reno Blooms flower and place it in your flower garden. Maintain the space from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Gardeners will be able to watch community pride blossom as plants thrive all around town.

Reno Blooms said participating in their movement will help deter litter, graffiti and crime; make neighborhoods and downtown cleaner and safer; shout the presence of people who care; and attract people to local businesses.

As part of Reno Bloom’s desire to support local businesses, the metal flowers used by the grassroots movement are made by locally owned precision Metals. They can be purchased at Moana Nursery, 1100 W. Moana Lane in Reno.

Will you join the Reno Blooms movement? Let me know in the comments.

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