Local Gardening Volunteer Grows Beyond Spinal Injury

Joan Anglin is a Master Gardener Volunteer with University of Nevada Cooperative Extension. She is an avid gardener who loves to make others smile. Joan has a spinal injury, but that does not stop her. Learn how she is an integral part of the world around her, including the Reno community whom she helps through her volunteer efforts.

Joan’s story is an #ourtownreno story, one of a local #renohero who helps #keeprenorad.

Reno-Sparks Pagan Pride Day Fosters Community, Volunteerism


Reno-Sparks Pagan Pride Day is an annual celebration held to bring people together as a community. All are welcome to attend and be at peace there with one another. Parts of the event, including ceremonies, drumming, belly dancing and workshops, were peaceful. Other moments were far from it.


The Pirates of Reno invaded. They culled wanted criminals with outstanding warrants from the crowd and threw the miscreants into the stocks to be tortured.

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